Reclaim your confidence, redesign your work, and increase your happiness.

I help people after physical recovery following a Mild traumatic brain injury (mtbi) or other injury reclaim their value and happiness so they can thrive in their relationships and careers.   I was my own advocate after an MTBI in 2006. 2 years after my accident and after realizing something had really changed, I worked through a process to redefine my work, my identity, and ultimately, my life. It was a long road. But it became fun after the first stretch because of the process I developed and followed. Now I am living my best life, doing my best work!

“You no longer have to be your own advocate and stand alone.


A turning point in my life took place when my team was laid off by my corporation. This was in late 2010. I’d been laid off before and landed on my feet, found a new exciting job and great people as well as challenges to work with. Being laid off is not fun, and it is a reminder that we can’t control the economy bumps. This time I thought, at my stage in life, do I want to seek this kind of work again? The money is great, the hours not so much. The work is exciting, the people too. But I was approaching the age of 50. My son was 14 at the time. I had a lovely home and felt good about where I lived. I did long for a change in work hours and to regain creativity in what I do. I wanted to say good-bye to corporate politics and the big revenue hunt so I could focus on the customer again, and I mean really focus on the customer.  

So here is what I did. I kept working contracted consulting jobs and cut back my hours significantly. I raised my hourly rate to compensate for the full time salary I used to have. I worked with my team of doctors (I had facilitated on my own) and came up with a plan to help me focus without a lot of medication. I learned precisely where my gaps were and what I could do about them. I consulted a nutritionist, I started exercising regularly again. The biggest thing? I redesigned my work to focus on the skills I enjoyed the most now and the ones I was most skilled with.  

It turns out I’m not the only one who has had this journey. I met many others who were high functioning, in professional jobs, and who had suffered a life changing injury that meant they could not work or play exactly the same way they had been. It changed their identity and the crazy part: no one could see it but them, because the injury was hidden.  

“You’re doing fine. We all have memory lapses, we all lose our attention to detail when we get older…. You are being too hard on yourself.” I get it. They mean well, they love you and want to protect you but they don’t understand. You know something changed those years ago with your injury and it took all this while to finally get a clue about a portion of what is different. But you need answers, how do you define this fully, how you do get help? how do you get better, and move forward? How do you find a way to feel confident and good about who you are again?  

It is now my mission in life to be that advocate for people like me, like you. We are not alone and there is hope, there is a way to redefine your happiness, your work, your life!  

I would like to hear about your journey. There is no obligation to purchase anything. 

Click the button below for a 30 minute conversation with me at no cost to you.

Reinvent Your Life

I help those of you with hidden injuries by providing you with a new way to look at the change in your life. You will learn to see those changes for what they are and learn how to realize new strengths. I will train you how to capitalize on the strengths you have now so you can rebuild a new life you only dreamed about previously.

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Encourage Courage

No longer will you be your own advocate. Through our work together, I will help you to reclaim your confidence and to feel strong about yourself without fear or anxiety.

Rediscover Your Happiness

Together we will create a new path to reclaim your confidence, feel free and accepted, and have fun again ....often!



These include a concussion or a permanent mild traumatic injury, a lasting sports injury that radically changes or ends a sports career, or a permanent injury on the job when your line of work depended on the injured part of the body.   These examples are only a few.


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Advocate & Confidence Coach

Regular hourly private sessions with me that will provide you with a personal advocate moving forward.

Group Sessions

Interactive online sessions to create new confidence and identify new strenghts.

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Weekend Retreats

Weekend Retreats or Intensives to help you to redesign your life, confidence and happiness.


I see you. I know you have this awareness and this journey. You want to regain something lost. You want to live your best life, work your best work and be happy and confident again. I’m here for you.

Contact me by clicking here to schedule a complimentary session to learn about what kind of support will be best for you. You will also learn about pricing and opportunities to be part of a private community where you not only feel like you belong, but where you will thrive. We’ll do this together; you no longer have to be your own advocate.

I would love to hear from you, even if you are not sure or ready to begin working with an advocate. Please send me an email to just let me know a little about you and how you are doing.

I'm here for you


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